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Our goal is to help sellers and agents alike get the appraisal service they need to accurately list homes for sale. We are knowledgeable, reliable appraisers that will go the extra mile to assist you.

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If you’re planning on selling your home—or if you’re an agent that’s helping someone else—then getting a pre-listing appraisal can be an excellent idea. At Advanced Appraising LTD, we’re prepared to help clients near Chandler, AZ, get the appraisal service they need.

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Why Get a Pre-Listing Appraisal?

Getting a pre-listing appraisal can be incredibly beneficial. Many sellers are surprised to learn that their home is actually worth more than they thought; getting a prelisting appraisal beforehand can help you find this out and set the price accordingly. In addition, over-pricing a home could prevent a home from selling, so getting an appraisal for selling a house can help you list it at an accurate price. Even if you’re working with an experienced agent, getting an appraisal can be helpful, as appraisals can also provide your agent with a detailed analysis of any recent comparable sales.

Some benefits of getting a pre-listing appraisal include:

  • Giving you a valuable negotiating tool.
  • Providing proof your home’s selling price is accurate.
  • Helping make you aware of potential things that could bring your home’s value down.
  • Cutting down on potential issues with a sale.
  • Helping you avoid needing to wait for a buyer’s appraisal.
  • Helping to prevent the deal from being underwritten.

Get the Most for Your Home

In addition to determining how much your property is currently worth, there are also a lot of other important things to think about—for example, any updates that can be made that could increase the value of your property. Our professionals can provide you with advice; simply call us today to learn more. We’re proud to serve clients near Chandler, AZ.

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